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Sri Lanka - Colombo Dutch House by jeroen.kurvers.

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The Dutch Period Museum is a tropical colonial Dutch town house located in the centre of Colombo and displays old Dutch furniture and artefacts and portrays aspects of contemporary Burgher life and culture.




File:VOC duit.jpgFeatures of the Dutch Period Museum in Colombo:

  • A room upstairs preserves historical documents, various examples of Dutch period furniture and decoration.
  • The lower floors contain Dutch grave-markers and tombstones.
  • The Museum is surrounded by a garden courtyard with the original stone-well of the house.
  • The exquisite architectural traits of a colonial Dutch town house have been preserved and maintained in the museum.
  • The exhibits of the Dutch history- artifacts like furniture, ceramics, coins, arms etc depicts the various aspects of contemporary life and culture.
  • The exhibits portray the political and socio-economic status of the Maritime Provinces of the Island under the Dutch rule.
  • The displays throw light upon the culture of the Kandyan Kingdom during the Dutch era.


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Sri Lanka - Colombo Dutch House by jeroen.kurvers.Sri Lanka - Colombo Dutch House by jeroen.kurvers.




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